Smoking Cessation

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My comprehensive Smoking Cessation program now carries a lifetime guarantee! No more worrying about how many sessions you will need, or if you fall off the wagon because of a traumatic event in the future.

It’s all covered.

The average smoker spends nearly $2000 dollars per year on cigarettes.  This doesn’t include the healthcare costs, as well as the costs it can have in your relationships. What will YOU do with all that extra money?

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Ways to Work With Me


Hypnosis is incredibly effective for stress, anxiety, pain management, smoking cessation and weight management.

One on One Coaching

One on One coaching provides the most personalized experience, where YOUR agenda is my agenda.  I can help you blast past limiting beliefs and give your dreams wings.

And More!

Stay tuned for more exciting news!  We are developing new courses all the time, and have plans for new video based courses launching in 2018.

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